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New residents – nurturing the chickens!

A couple of weeks ago we acquired some new residents at Heavers. Mr Harnett arranged for three chickens to come to live in the chicken shed. They were rescued from a farm in Surrey where they lived inside a barn with no natural light which is why they look so pale. Mr Harnett tells me that he has noticed that their red combs (the part of the top of the head) have changed as when they first arrived their combs were droopy. Now the combs are sticking up, a sign of a healthier chicken. In time their feathers will be grow back too.

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3 thoughts on “New residents – nurturing the chickens!

  1. That is so sad, but they are in a safe place now, they will be fed and treated with highly respect.I hope soon one of them or all of them will lay some eggs and little chicks. I thought we had chickens from before?🐔🐔🐔

  2. I love chickens! Especially with rice at dinner! Jk I’m not going to eat those chickens (yet)!

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