29 thoughts on “Thought for the week: What if there were no computers?

  1. I think that the world will not survive with computers and survive with computers because tentecnology is important to humans because you can communicate and chat to people but because it’s a world wide brand, people can get addicted to it and not see the real world.

  2. Without computers it will be sad because what if your phone is smashed on the floor and you cant buy another one because its to much money so that’s why computers should be made in the first place and also its good that its made .If you have emails that you want to reply but you don’t have a phone, Ipad, and a laptop. You need to earn money for your job. )

  3. I think if we did not have computers the world would be very boring because we’d get tired of doing the same things every single day of the year

  4. I think that life will be harder because in a computer you can do lots of things and even download games. It’s like a phone but even bigger and better.

  5. Without computers we wouldn’t be here because if you think about it the only reason we won the war was because of Allen turnings brilliant idea so this country wouldn’t be the same and eavrything we are that is here wouldn’t be here

  6. If there was no computers it would be like there was no earth because most of the time we need computers to live

  7. I think that the if we didnt have computers daily tasks would be a chore like a email you wold have to travel abroad if you were speaking To somone in a different country

  8. Without computers we would be a lot more social than if we had computers also we wouldn’t be able to find out facts that would be to complicated to put in a book also library’s would be so packed that the staff will not be able to handle it and there would have to be a max limit for adults and kids to be In at a time and how would we import and export to other countries and take in other countries foods . Besides all that we would be teaching with just one big board and how would parents get announcements from the office and teachers !

  9. I think humans wouldn’t survive without computers because we have gotten use to them and they have become part of most of every day . Without computers I think everything would be very slow because computers are faster than humans

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  11. I don’t know what I would do with out computers I think I would make one my self otherwise I would read a book📔💻⌨🖥📲📱

  12. I think if there was know computers in the world I would have to make one my self otherwise I would have to go to the libery and have to find out stuff in the book and the world would be boring 📱💻⌨🖥⌨📲

  13. if we don’t have computers or phones how would we contact people or communicate to people we would not be able to download Facebook or go onto the Heavers farm blog the world would be so boring we would have to do the same thing

  14. I think if there was no computers humans won’t be able to learn on the White board or learn about Turing right now bore mr

  15. If there were no computers then it would be hard to find information and the only way to learn would be to . . . read handwritten books!


  16. I think that if there were no computers then we would not be able
    to phone our friends because a phone is a type of computer so
    we would not be able to text or use any way of talking to any friends
    or family in a different country.

  17. If there were no computers, like in the olden days, then we will not get to talk to our friends because maybe they live far away from where you are right now. That’s why computers are important.

  18. If there where no computers you will not be able to do your homework.

  19. If there’s no computer l would scream because l like watching YouTube!

  20. If there weren’t any computers it would be fine because we can use are brains to think!

  21. If we didn’t have any computers I wouldn’t be able to type this comment but if we didn’t have them today chlildren would probably be playing outside a lot more on the weekends.

  22. I think that if there wasn’t any computers,we aren’t going to learn as much as we’d learned right now!!
    Just think about it,I wouldn’t be able to type this comment right now 💻💻.
    I do hope computers don’t die out because they’re really useful think one more time,I wouldn’t get my GCSE’s nor my school grades!!!!!!📝📝😮😮

  23. If there was no computers then it would seem like everybody would be extra smart

  24. 1.I think that it would be exactly the same because we wouldn’t know it existed e.g there could be something in the future called zing machine we don’t know if we need it or not

    2.On the other hand if we didn’t have computers nobody would be here right now because Alan Turing made the computer to help the War and that’s why we are living

  25. I think that having no computers is an absolute BAD IDEA😡😡😡😡😡😡😡,because no computers means no phones means no internet and it would put people out of there job as this simple equation says

    NO 💻 + NO📱+ NO INTERNET =🚶🏽🏃🏽😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡👿👿👿👿

    THERE’S YOUR ANSWER !!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks by Samiat

  26. I think that computers are important because people like to do games on the internet and if it was takes away from them life will be difficult because they love computers but in the olden days they didn’t get a chance to do anything so that’s when Alan Turing came to progress and save the world in the olden days!!

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