19 thoughts on “Thought for the week

  1. I think the prize for the house teams should be mufti because it gives the pupils a chance to be free because usually we wear uniform and their’s a high expectation, but with mufti,you don’t have to be trapped in a cage .You can be free with what you want to wear. Sorry that is why I Stephanie Gyamfi think the house teams should mufti day.

  2. For the winning house team we could get a plastic trophy.

  3. I think that the wining house should have a merit for their hard work and they are improving
    Sit up
    Track who is speaking
    Ask and answer
    Star means that you need to try your best and respect who is speaking or answering a question.

  4. I think we should go kidszainia because it is a very fun experience 😀

  5. I think that the team that wins the most points each term should be awarded
    a big trophy that should be on display in a trophy cabinet at the
    office so everyone will be able to see it. I think we should
    do that because now it’s one big prize earned by team work.

  6. I think the wining team should eat popcorn and watch a movie.

  7. I think that the house team with the most points should be given a reward of a trophy and given the opportunity to meet a few of the 2016 Olympic champions.

  8. We should get 15 minutes extra lunch time break, or we could get extra lunch food.

  9. I think the house with the most house points should be awarded a house trophy and have it put up in a glass case by the notice board opposite the school office. I think this because most of the school walk past it every day and will remember that house for their achievement.They will also want feel the pride that the house felt so they will work harder, also the house that won will want to hold on to their win by carrying on the good work .

  10. I think that the winning team should get a special P.E lesson and do whatever sport they want to do and to also watch the olympics from 2016.I also think that they should get their own engraved trophy with all their names on it, and should also dress up as their sports hero!!!

  11. I think that the winning house should get all day play and pretend to be teachers for the day and at the end of the school year, they can bring in their own toys like bikes, scooters and all other toys and have mufti day

  12. I agree with Crystal we should see who gets the most house points and at the end of the term be able to go too kidzania especially if you haven’t been.Also we should do that because if they wear mufti they will not be trapped in their clothes but trapped in the school.Because if you feel you are free in your own clothes you won’t feel free if someone tells you your not out of school . But you should still value Wether you go or not the first time or the last . In addition to this the people should be joined to the head teacher award trip.

  13. I agree with jada in aquamarine i think we should be able to have a chance to meet an Olympic champion so we get an idea of maybe what a good sportsperson is and maybe how to improve

    This is still educational and we would still be learning things

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