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Some parents have expressed confusion regarding the correct school uniform in different year groups. With summer term upon us, we have decided to clarify and illustrate the correct uniform, to avoid any further confusion.

We will be asking the teachers to be strict with uniform this term, so forbidden items of clothing will be confiscated for the duration of the school day.

Nursery & Reception


We expect all children in these year groups to come to school in the Heavers Farm tracksuit and a pair of trainers. In the summer, children are permitted to wear navy blue shorts, and a white polo shirt, to avoid overheating.

We do this so that all children can engage in the physical activities in our early years department. We believe that skirts, boots and other clothing can be restrictive for some children when taking part in these activities.

Years 1 – 6



Children wear their PE kit into school on any day their class has PE. This means that we expect them to be in the correct school PE uniform.

Our school PE uniform consists of our Heavers Farm house t-shirt and black or navy blue tracksuit bottoms.

Children must wear trainers.

Children may wear the Heavers Farm tracksuit, or their Heavers Farm school jumper. These are the only permitted jumpers.

Children are permitted to wear black or navy blue shorts in the summer.

Clothing should not have any large logos.

Hoodies will now be confiscated if children are wearing them inside the building.



Our school uniform is all unisex, and consists of the following:

  • Heavers Farm school jumper
  • Dark trousers or skirt
  • Heavers Farm school tie
  • White shirt
  • Black school shoes – no boots or trainers
  • Black tights, or black or white socks (below the knee)

Further, optionally:

  • Dark grey shorts (summer only)
  • Blue and white gingham summer dress (summer only)

Long hair must be tied back, with no elaborate hairstyles permitted, as these can interfere with sports activities. No elaborate headbands or headwear allowed in school (other than for religious or medical reasons).

Uniform is available at and the full uniform policy is available here.


4 thoughts on “Uniform!

  1. Hi
    Does this mean that the blue gingham dress is no longer part of the summer term school uniform for any year. My daughter is in year 2. Thanks

  2. Hi Samantha,
    Your daughter can still wear the blue and white gingham dress as usual. It’s listed under the optional uniform section, sorry for any confusion.

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