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Considerate Parking Please!

Unfortunately we have received a number of complaints from our neighbours regarding our parents’ inconsiderate parking.

Residents of Watson Place, the development next to the Tennison Road entrance, have written to us to complain. They said that they were initially happy to support the parents at our school and were happy with the parents parking for a few minutes to drop off their children. They say that now a number of parents are taking advantage of this, and are causing considerable inconvenience to the residents there.

We have also received complaints from the residents of the houses just inside the Tennison Road entrance. Parents are parking across their drives and blocking the road so that they cannot get into, or out of, their houses.

Sadly, we have also received complaints from other parents about people driving along the pavement in Dinsdale Gardens. There have been several near misses in the past few weeks, in one case a parent had to pull their buggy out of the way of car mounting the pavement at speed.

Unfortunately, when residents and other parents have tried to speak to the parents concerned, they have received very rude and abusive responses.

Whilst I appreciate that everyone is in a hurry, and that everyone’s priority is their own child(ren), we are all part of a community here. We are all responsible for the safety and wellbeing of all of our pupils and local residents. We work hard in school to create a thoughtful and considerate school community where we treat each other with kindness and respect. It would be lovely if this extended to the adults in our school behaving in the same way as they make their way to and from school.