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Sports Relief on Friday!


Sports Relief was an absolute blast, we all had a fantastic day! And we managed to raise £377.65 for charity! Well done everyone for your contributions, it was a great success.

Each class was given a challenge to run as far as they could in 10 minutes. The course was around the field, and one lap measured 250m. We added up how many laps each child had run, and this made the class total. The following lap totals were potential milestones, so you can check below, and see how far your class managed to run:

  • 40 laps total = 10,000m (as far as Mo Farah runs in a 10k race)
  • 84 laps = 13.1 miles (a half marathon)
  • 120 laps = 30,000m
  • 168 laps = 26.2 miles (a full marathon)

All of our children took some time out of their school day to run a few laps and contribute to our school total. Even Nursery and Reception added some laps to the total.

Our school managed to run a whopping  total of 366 miles, which clocks in as nearly 14 marathons!! What an achievement!

Only four classes managed to run a full marathon as a class, which is absolutely incredible, well done to Amethyst, Aquamarine, Coral, Moonstone and Turquoise classes.

Some classes added to our total for the day by choosing to spend even more time (such as break and lunch times) running more laps. Coral and Sapphire class have reported back with absolutely enormous daily totals. So well done to them as well.

Here are the totals for each class:

Jade: 125 laps

Emerald: 65 laps

Peridot: 54 laps

Diamond: 140 laps

Citrine: 124 laps

Amber: 125 laps

Topaz: 125 laps

Zircon: 131 laps

Pearl: 131 laps

Jet: 115 laps

Onyx: 120 laps

Moonstone: 170 laps

Opal: 145 laps

Quartz: 136 laps

Turquoise: 189 laps

Sapphire: 436 laps (daily total)

Coral: 287 laps (daily total)

Amethyst: 190 laps

Aquamarine: 207 laps

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  1. It was tiring but it was still fun to do also when your in the picture

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