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Whole School Homework!


First of all, it’s World Book Day 2016 today!! I hope you’ve all taken the chance to dress up as your favourite book character and are having lots of extra fun reading today!

But also, since this World Book Day falls on a Thursday, this means it’s also the day that the homework goes out. We’ve decided, therefore, that this week’s homework should be World Book Day themed!

Bigfoot Arts Education, the company that provides your fantastic music, drama and Spanish teachers to the school, are running a competition for World Book Day, called “My Favourite Story”. This competition is this week’s homework.

You have to pick your favourite story ever, and submit a piece of work about why you have chosen this story and why it is your favourite.

You can submit their work in any creative format you like, it could be:

  • A piece of writing
  • A piece of drama
  • A piece of art
  • A song
  • A dance
  • Book review
  • A picture of your favourite character
  • A poster encouraging other people to read the book
  • A book cover design

The best piece of work submitted to Bigfoot could win various prizes, so it’s time to get creative and win!

All you have to do is do your homework this week and hand it in to your teacher. Your teacher will whizz it off to Bigfoot, and you’ll be in with a chance to win!

Good luck, young book lovers.

20 thoughts on “Whole School Homework!

  1. My favourite story is Dork diaries. This book is an amazing experience that any girl or boy . This book is about a girl called Nikki Maxwell who says that she is a total absolutely dork but a dork that has incredible most likely style. She has just moved to another school called Westchester country day. Which is quite peculiar for a school to be named?! But Nikki is hoping that by moving school she might just stand a chance of making some friends and leaving her old lame ways in the past. But life is never that simple… New crush . New school. And you can’t forget the enemy Mackenzie Hollister she gives me the creeps !!🙄

  2. I chose this book because it’s creative, imagination . You can even add in your own characters like a mermaid that could be Nikki maxwell or a blood sucking vampire can be Mackenzie I mean DAH!!!!! This is my favourite book because it’s funny and any boy or girl should go on line or go to the shop and buy this collection.

  3. I chose this book because that the person who who
    Made this book has done a good job .And it has
    Something like a beautiful display like say if
    You were reading a book you will find about
    What is going on in the story.
    The name of this book is:
    The lottie project
    What it’s about is there are three,
    Girls who are friends but one of them
    Names are called Charlotte but people call names like
    Cake,carrot,cake,cakehole but they don’t notice that
    Calling names are bad

    Thanks for reading my book review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ps: It’s great

  4. My favourite book is My Book of Bible stories
    it is very intresting becuase it talks about god and how he is powerful and almighty.
    this book can help children to know who is god and how god loves children it also help children to have a good behaviour to their parent, families, teachers,friend and in the worid. and my favourite page is page 3 because it talks about the first man and woman. How GOD created them? He took some dust from the ground and with it he formed a perfact body. I like page 82 aswell because it talkes about a Queen called Esther and my name is Esther aswell,i want to be a Queen juest like her.

  5. My favourite book is saxby smart because it has lots of drama and makes me excited .in the book muddy has lost his teddy Norman he thinks that Harry the school boy has kidnapped it.

  6. My favourite story is Harry Potter and the deadly hallows ,because it very frightful and magical also it has surprising moments to read. I think that if there was a new one would love it.My second is a non fiction favourite called stormin Normans written by Terry Derry illustrated by Martin Brown. With deadly deaths nasty vile horrible arguments about who should be the victorious queen and king.With some details of Norman life nasty people. Quizzes crazy mad invaders and many more. I like even it has horrible disgusting daring things .That is mostly what Like about it. That is the lovely descriptive comments about my favourite things. Hope you enjoyed it!

  7. My favourite book is Stormin Normans. With the vile disgusting vile wet slimy stuff some of them are very dangerous, some silly some serious,but the important stuff is that it teaches you about Normans time is that it teaches about Norman I suggest you read this book.********** that was about ten stars.

  8. my favourite book is the invisible dog because it is very intresting and it even help the little children
    lern about it more and the words that they don’t know they could check in the dictonary so that they
    could lern it at home the book is about when the invisible dog gets stuck in a tree and this pepple
    come and help him and find his parent

  9. The book I am choosing is The reptile room by lemony snicket.
    It is because it has happiness and sadness and I like It when they have a lot of feelings. Therefore it will flow through your head.
    Also it has a lot of weird things and a lot of bad and good things.
    The best things about the book is that Count Olaf pretends to be Stephano and does all of these weird stuff at uncel Montys house.

    I hope you would also enjoy this book if you start reading it too.
    I hope you like this comment about The reptile room from lemony snicket.

  10. My. Favirioute book. Is. The. Story of gabby Douglas. Because. It showed. The story. Of. How. She. Was. The the. First. Black. Gymnast. To. Enter. The. Olympics and win💁🏽 👍🏾

  11. My name is Esther and thank you for reading my comment and don’t read it miach😋😘😍☺️😍👙💅🌭🍕🍦🍩🍓🍇🍒🍌🍔

  12. I have made a poem about my favourite book.

    This is my favourite book
    Because of how it looks

    It’s also creative too
    No matter what you do

    We are a community,we are one
    No matter what,we are not done

    The more we read,the more we learn
    And the more we learn, the more we proceed

    Reading gives the heart and soul A better place to live in,mainly a bowl

    It might seem weird, but it’s true!

    The bowl is your reading
    Let your reading go on for you!😀📚👍

    But the main reason why this is my favourite book is because it has imagination and every book should have imagination .But this book: The bed and breakfast star , has lots for me!

    Jacqueline Wilson is the author of The bed and breakfast star.She has made many books.

    This is about a girl called Elsa who takes on the adventure with her family.But consequences stand in her way. Will she be able to fight through? You find out!

    The moral of the story is no matter what consequence you stand through, you should never give up!

    Hope you liked by book review!😅😀😎😎😄👍🏾

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