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Homework this week!

Do you remember when we asked you to submit potential names for all of our houses before the holidays? Well, now the time has come to put your suggestions to use!

Firstly, we’d like to thank everybody across the Federation for submitting such brilliant and thoughtful suggestions, there are some really inspirational people among these names.

Now, we’ve spent weeks poring over the many many submissions you have all made, and we’ve had to whittle down the list by only choosing the most popular suggestions. We’ve also taken out any of our previous house names, as we think it’s time for a change.

So onto this week’s homework! Below, you’ll see a list of five names for each house colour (red, green, blue and yellow). Your homework this week will be to research the person who you know least about in your own house’s list.

For example, if I was in the red house, and I know lots and lots about Martin Luther King Jr, but not too much about Emmeline Pankhurst, I would do my homework on Emmeline Pankhurst.

The key is to find as many interesting facts about that person as possible. One for Emmeline Pankhurst might be that she was arrested over seven times whilst campaigning for women’s rights.

Once you’ve got all of the information, we will be setting up a poll on the blog so you can vote for your favourites! Look out for this next week!

We’ve added a link to some information about each person to get your started…






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