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Mister Maker’s Arty Party

Mr Maker

As some of you know, the makers of CBeebies’ Mister Maker came to Heavers Farm to audition our pupils. A lucky few were chosen, and the programmes they feature in are being broadcast next week.

The children are:

George Beckham

Tyrell Simon James

Alim’Mamy Bedor Bangura

Tiana-Mai Bunsaan

Luca Smith

Faaria Saeed

Skye Bradley

Lily-Rose Hunter

Michael Riccardi

Aiyanna Babiola

Kiera Wilson-Turinawe

Brooke Atwood Saunders

Maison Brooks

Arda Elibol

Prince Michael Ojibah

Mahnoor Bilal

Stephanie Gyamfi

The transmission date of the first episode for the children from Heavers Farm will air on the CBeebies channel on Wednesday 16th December at 10.45am. The second episode will air on Friday 18th December at 10.45am.

All classes are welcome to watch these programmes in their class as they are broadcast next week.

We hope you enjoy the shows!