10 thoughts on “PTA Christmas fair

  1. nothing special ,should be more things for kids not just a bisnses

  2. Thank you Mr McCormack, and a huge thanks to our amazing team of helpers! I hope everyone had a good time! We will let you know how much money was raised early next week.
    From the PTA

  3. It was a great day and I must say a special “WELL DONE” to Mr McCormack, I sat and watched him sitting with the little ones drawing and making decorations. The kids were sooo happy.

    Well Done Mr McCormack.

  4. It was a fantastic Christmas fair and the children loved it. Thank you.

  5. Sorry to hear that you feel that way. The function of the PTA is to raise money to provide the children with a range of opportunities that cannot be catered for within the school budget. We do this by arranging events that involve the whole school community. If you feel that we are not doing this properly, maybe you should attend one of our meetings and influence the way the PTA works by getting involved in the decision making. These events don’t just happen overnight, they are planned many months in advance and we discuss all aspects to ensure that we continue to meet our primary goal to “Work harder for the benefit of all our children”. – Paul Marzetti (PTA Treasurer)

  6. Is there any chance that the winning Prize draw ticket numbers can be published somewhere please? Our child sold several books of tickets and people have asked me if they won anything – and I don’t know! It might be an idea – in the future – for this to be sent out (perhaps on the “News from the Office” section?), as, obviously, not everyone could be there at the time the draw was made. Thanks!

  7. Hi Scott,
    Cleo was kind enough to contact everyone who won something but was not there to collect it, so sadly if you haven’t heard by now it seems you haven’t won this time. But thanks very much for the feedback – we will be collating all the feedback from the fair and discussing it in the new year, looking for things to improve on for next time.
    Sarah (PTA Chair)

  8. Sarah, thanks for your response. It kind of reiterates my point somewhat though, as surely you should look to be as transparent as possible with this type of thing? Looking at the amount of money raised, and based on how many tickets our child’s class sold, a significant amount likely came from prize draw ticket sales. It doesn’t sound unreasonable to expect the results to be published, rather than relying on one person to contact winners. That would eliminate any potential grumblings from people about the process.
    I appreciate you have said you’ll be discussing feedback points in the New Year, but, as I said previously, can’t see why this can’t be a clearer picture right now…

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