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Taekwondo Grading

For those of you that don’t know, taekwondo has been a big part of Heavers Farm life for many years. Thanks to Richard Allen (you may know him as “Sir”) and Allen Taekwondo Academy, we’ve had many very successful Heavers pupils in the sport.

Last week was no exception, with the Winter Grading happening at Heavers Farm on Friday afternoon! A grading is where children do a kind of taekwondo exam in order to get a new colour of belt and show a new level of expertise. This is very important in taekwondo as it tells everyone how skilled you are. 

Many of our children moved up the ranks and congratulations to everyone who took part in the grading, Sir has mentioned that there were many outstanding performances!

I want to give a special mention to Sam from Aquamarine class, who managed to get a “triple grade”, which means he went up three ranks in one go! Very many congratulations to Sam who, along with Donna and Santiago, have been picked for the London team! What a fantastic achievement for these three Heavers pupils.