16 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Freedom

  1. i think we should be free to do whatever we whant but not to do dangerous
    things that could harm us or others but nobody could force you to do anything like
    play a game that you realy dont whant to do

  2. I think I also agree with wiki because he is right that you should not feel too free to do anything you want such as stabbing someone. You should have the right to go to school, to have a house, and things like that. This is what it means to feel free. I think that you should not feel free so much that the world depends on you and you rule. You should just have the rights to give your opinions and things like that.

  3. I don’t think we should be free to do whatever we want because if we were there would be so many problems in the world such as: death, robbery, kidnapping and other horrible crimes with no justice surved as we would be free to do “whatever we want”. When Rolling Stones said that I am aware of the fact that they didn’t mean it in that way but if society was told they were allowed do whatever they want it would come across as ” Hey, you there you can do whatever you want no questions asked!” As a child being told I can do whatever I want is a dream come true! The first thing that comes to mind isn’t that I’m gonna commit some crimes. But there are some people who would think that. So in conclusion my answer is no we sound NOT be free to do whatever we want

  4. I I’m freedom to do what I want any old time that is what I think he means think that means that you are free everyone has a right in this county everyone should have a voice everyone should be able to have a right tha t is what l think they are trying to say that is what Nelson Mandela meant by

  5. My freedom finish when your freedom start ….. FREEDOM = RESPECT

  6. This means that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and if you give up then you will regret that you didn’t try hard enough. I think it’s good to get something wrong sometimes because you learn from your mistakes and I think anyone should have a right to be successful know mater the colour of your skin or where your from. As humans we need to respect one another. If you want to do anything in this world just try and try. Because you try you fall you try you fall but, you only fail when you stop trying.

  7. I think we should be free and not free because if you are free you get to do what ever you want but sometimes you may cause trouble for example if you made your house dirty and you didn’t clean it up your house will smell so badly and when you free no one can tell you what to do any where .

  8. I don’t think we should be free all the time because if we have to much freedom bad things will happen in the world such as (death) freedom can be good but to much of it is bad robbery is one of them the world is bad all ready.

  9. I think freedom means that you are free to do whatever you want now or when your older but nothing silly. And always have respect for others not just yourself. So don’t listen to whatever anyone says and make your own decision , well sometimes.😌 Also,it means when your free I and not in prison.

  10. Yes and no because if you are free from everything you are free from the things you actually need in your life. Yes because you need be free from some things

  11. Yes and no because if you done anything you want people could kill other people and rob banks and that would be dangerous. And yes because we can and we do now for example I can choose my career and my life!

  12. Yes and no because if you do anything you want people would kill other people and rob banks and that would be dangerous. And yes because we do things we want today like voting for what government we want choosing our careers!

  13. I disagree because we can’t always have freedom we can have a free life but not freedom because freedom can’t always be a good thing , sometimes you can be lonely and get hurt

  14. I think to much freedom is bad because it can cause death,robberys,kills. This is because when people think there is freedom they think there is no rules,so that means they can do what ever they wont(DEATH)doesn’t this world think think life is bad enough.Freedom can feel good really good so why don’t the people have good freedom not bad freedom.

  15. I agree that you should be free to do anything you want to do. But… there is a good side of freedom and a bad side, the good side is having unlimited resources and doing what you think is better in your life. Although the bad side occurs in not having a free education and just making things worse! e.g smoking, killing, drinking and e.t.c

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