17 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

  1. I think the motto means that everyone has their own rights were all equal
    We should all have fairness

  2. Fraternite’ means friendship and you might have to share your games with other people.

  3. I think that it means that everybody should have the same rights and that we should be treated the same.

  4. I think Liberty means freedom. It means your allowed to do what ever you want.e.g If I was grounded and I wasn’t allowed to do anything I wouldn’t have freedom.

  5. Liberty means freedom and for example if innocent people go to prison for nothing and their telling the truth but one off them believe that person is free by the one who let him free it is bit like freedom.

  6. I think freedom means that you are free to do anything you want

  7. Dr.king tells a great speech and it is a true fing or we wouldn’t have any friends .

  8. I think equality means that it doesn’t matter what skin colour you are
    Or what religion or where you com from it doesn’t matter the thing that matter
    Is your personality.liberty means freedom when your free and nobody ant force
    You to any thing.friendship means when your kind to someone and your friends with them.

  9. I think that liberty means we should all have the freedom to live. I also think that equality
    means it does not matter where we come from or what colour our skin is it ,it only matters
    about our personality. Also where it says brotherhood I think it means that the whole of
    France is a family and that they should always be there for each other.

  10. I think that equality means that you shouldn’t be judge if iyou white or black it matters about your personality and that you should be glad that you’re alive.And that liberete means trust and that the people we trust and love that we could talk when you are angry,sad or upset , freedom that if you get put in Gail because you didn’t sit on the colour of you skin you made a good point that it doesn’t matter. So Martin Luther King if he didn’t make that speech it would be the same this day so THANK You!😊

  11. I think it means family ,equality and freedom . I think it is their motto because all of these word represent a strong thing that will help them in the future.Also they are good rules to live by because they help you and the words that they chose for the motto represents a thing that can help you in any situation.

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