Year 2 Homework –due in Wednesday, 11st November, 2015

Some amazing homework from Elliot in Selsdon’s Dove Class, Year 2.

Well done Elliot!

Selsdon Year 2

This week, in Maths, we have been working on division. For your homework next week, we would like you to explain why division is useful. Give us some examples, tell us when you would use division or sharing in your daily life. For example, at your birthday party you share your cake with your friends. For that to happen you need to slice equally so that everyone can have a piece of cake. You can present your homework in any way you like, on a poster, in your homework book or even as a post on the blog.hqdefault

Literacy: Relating to maths, we want you to write a set of instructions on how to divide. Use command words and explain the steps one by one.

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