5 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Why do we need laws?

  1. We need law because if we didn’t have law everything will be going so crazy so that’s why we need law before anything starts getting even more mucky

  2. We need laws because if we didn’t have specific laws people wouldn’t have boundaries and things would become wrecklass. Also, there would be no sanctions because it would be ‘there own rules’. There would be chaos!

  3. We need laws because if we don’t have laws it would be cauos and people we also need laws because laws are rules for everyone to follow and help us protect are family’s and property.😊

  4. If we don’t have laws then people would do whatever they wanted. Laws stop chaos! If there were no laws people might disagree and fight. Some people do the wrong things, and we need laws to help them and protect people.

  5. We need laws because if we didn’t have certain laws it would be wild, everyone would do what they want, putting other peoples life at risk.

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