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Young Voices 2016

I can’t believe that it’s that time of year again, when I gather up the names of all the pupils who would like to take part in the Young Voices concert in January 2016. I have booked 40 spaces, however I have had at least 50 pupils who have expressed an interest. I am trying to see if I can get some more spaces.

Pupils will need to attend our practice sessions each Tuesday after school, starting on 29th September. It is compulsory to attend the sessions, as there are lots of songs to learn (off by heart) as well as dance moves. Last year we needed to learn a song in Latin, which was quite difficult!

Here is a video from last year’s concert:

Mrs Ferri

PS and this year’s blog:

15 thoughts on “Young Voices 2016

  1. Hi. What year groups are able to enter Young Voices?

  2. Hello, I know both my children would like to take part, how do we find out if they can or not? I had already sorted out new pick up time with childminder so just wanted to be sure.

    Philippa (Ellie and Charlie’s mum)

  3. Hi Philippa

    I am still collecting in letters (last date is this Friday). There has been a great deal of interest and I have managed to increase the numbers to 50 however this may not be enough for all the children who have expressed an interest. Once I have all of the slips I will send another letter and text to confirm places.

    Cathy Ferri

  4. Yes Josephine. I understand that letters were due in to Ms Ferri today.

  5. Hello, still not heard anything whether my two children can take part. When will we find out? Rehearsals start tomorrow I believe.


  6. wow young voices already!!! 🙂
    wish I was there:(

  7. Hi, what time will the concert be held on the 26th Jan?

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