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Food, glorious food

We (the school) have taken over the contract to provide school meals. It allows us a little more freedom to create delicious and healthy food for the children (and staff) at lunchtime.

We want the children to try a range of different foods, however, we  know that sometimes, you just want to fill up on a classic. We therefore always provide the option to have a baked potato, cheese and salad if the meat or vegetarian options are not what you fancy.

It has taken a lot of work by Cleo (from our school office) and the kitchen staff to get this up and running and we are really pleased with the result. Here are some photos from the last couple of lunch services. Keep watching the blog for details of an offer to try out a free lunch next week…

8 thoughts on “Food, glorious food

  1. Hi, will the school be providing halal meat at all? If not, are there any plans to do so? Many thanks.

  2. Will there be a menu?

    so the parents can see what our children are eating or available as I would possibly think of switching from pack lunch specially as winter is coming but it depends what there is my son would eat.

  3. I don’t know about Nigella working at Heavers Delights Bistro. But I know that Jamie Oliver would certainly be proud of our achievements 😉. I’m glad that everyone is enjoying their meals😊.

  4. Hello Shona

    You can find a link to the school meal menus at the top of the school website. here are three menus that rotate week on week. There is always a good choice of different food so hopefully your son will be happy to eat something.

    Kind regards

    Mr McCormack

  5. Hello

    This is something we are looking intend wish to canvas opinion on. Please watch this space.

    Kind regards

    Mr McCormack

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