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Sporting Stars!


Time to celebrate some of our school’s top sporting stars, as we have three pupils going to the British Taekwondo National Championships in Manchester this weekend!!

Sam Marmon-Halm (Aquamarine Class), Donna Nguyen-Harrison (Sapphire Class) and Santiago Milho (Turquoise Class) have all excelled so much this year at Taekwondo that Coach Allen has decided to take them to compete with the best athletes in the country this year. This is one of the only times we’ll celebrate them not keeping their hands and feet to themselves!

We’re all very proud of these three fantastic athletes here at Heavers Farm, and wish them the very best of luck this weekend!

If you see any of them around school, please congratulate them on this great achievement and remember to wish them good luck.

Here’s to a good year of sport!!


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