8 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: What do you remember most about the Summer holidays and why?

  1. The best part of my summer was doing swinmming archery and loads at a semmer camp called Barracudas but I also enjoyed a bit of Youtube… 😉

  2. the thing i liked about the holiday was when i when x factor because i got to have fun and enjoy my self with my mum

  3. The best part of the summer holiday was when I went to Legoland,,, It Was exciting ..
    and going to Brighton…its was SO much fun !!

  4. and also it was a break and we could give the teacher a break

  5. The best thing in the summer holidays is when I spend time with my family and play fun games and I will remember that because I usually do that anyway.

  6. I still remember every single bit of my holidays. I will never forget going to kovalm beach with my co sister, mum, aunties, elder cousin uncles and other cousins. Not to mention going to the swimming pool with my family. My favorite part was the wave pool that would lift you high if you jumped at the correct time. Also going to the wood-house at a tiger resort where a herd of deer, three deers with antlers, peacocks, wild bores with their babies wandered around us. i went to kanyakumari beach, stayed in a dream hotel and saw the sun rise.i took bath in a large tall water fall. On my journey to the kodaikanal hill, a boa constrictor passed across my vehicle. we went inside the Vivekananda rock and i meditated. my mum went out with her brother and watched the movie Bahubali without me. We went to our family hospital named after my grand mother to see my uncle. the hospital is very near to the western ghats. i lifted up little puppies joyfully as i played in the theme park.i have done all these in six weeks in my home land, southern India.

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