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P.E. Days!

Hello everybody!

Echoing what Mr McCormack wrote below, I hope you’re all enjoying the very last days of the holidays and manage to squeeze in as many fun activities as possible before we’re back to school!

I’m posting so you all know on which days you have P.E. this year, and remember to wear your P.E. kit into school on these days!

Please remember that whilst this is your P.E. kit, it is still school uniform, and we would like to see everyone in the correct kit, this means you need to wear your house t-shirt every P.E. day.

We’re going to be very strict about uniform and kit this year, so we want everyone looking their smartest every day!

The P.E. days, starting on Monday, are:

  • Y1 – Tuesday and Thursday
  • Y2 – Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Y3 – Wednesday
  • Y4 – Monday and Wednesday
  • Y5 – Thursday and Friday
  • Y6 – Thursday and Friday

That’s all folks, see you on Monday, bright eyed and bushy tailed!

Ms Papas

7 thoughts on “P.E. Days!

  1. Do they have to wear their PE kits from home or bring it in to change at school?
    Thank you for all the updates

  2. Hello I have a question , the ones that have P.E on Monday they have to wear the p.e kit on 7 of September the first day of school or normal uniform ?

  3. Hello Shanthini and Patricia

    Children are to wear their PE kit to school on their PE days – they do not change in school. This will include 7th September (if they have PE on that day).

    Many thanks

    Mr McCormack

  4. Can you please clarify what the P.E kit is? Do children need the school tracksuit or are dark jogging bottoms or shorts acceptable?

  5. Good Morning, we’d really appreciate some updates over on the Selsdon pages please.

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