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Holiday homework

You are going to be in a new class from 7 September 2015.

Your optional Summer holiday homework task is to look at the name of your new class and find out as much as you can about it. In Selsdon the classes are all named after UK based animals. In Heavers Farm the classes from years 1 to 6 are all named after gemstones.

You could perhaps create a poster or a presentation to bring in to school with you on 7 September. Alternatively, it would be great to see some interesting facts about your animal/gemstone posted up on the new year group blogs (yes, the year group from each school will be sharing a blog this year – I’ll be posting these up and linking to them on each school site soon).

Have a great summer.

Mr McCormack

5 thoughts on “Holiday homework

  1. Hi, when we will know what class/teacher the children will be getting for September? I have two children who will be in yr4 and yr1 but haven’t heard from either yet….

  2. Well done Mr McCormack! Am loving you for who you are and your great relentless effort on my daughter (JEMIMA CHIMA) all through her stay with you as a pupil; not only were you her teacher, you were also her MENTOR and indeed, you ‘r a GEM!
    I cannot thank you enough but using this medium to say a very big “THANK YOU and GOD BLESS!

  3. The moonstone is characterised by an enchanting play of light. Indeed it owes its name to that mysterious shimmer which always looks different when the stone is moved and is known in the trade as ‘adularescence’. In earlier times, people believed they could recognise in it the crescent and waning phases of the moon.

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