14 thoughts on “Thought for the week

  1. This thought of the week basically means: only accepting those who agree with you should never be accepted. I agree with this because this behaviour is nieve and wrong. 🙁

  2. I think tolerance means when someone is talking to you and you don’t agree with them or you are not listening.😊😎

  3. I agree because it isn’t tolerance if someone always agrees with you but doesn’t listen to you

  4. I agree couse when you tolerate you listen to the person even when they don’t agree.So I think
    You should tolerate people even when they don’t agree with you

  5. I think tolerance means you don’t agree with them but you give them a chance instead of saying no I don’t agree
    with you.

  6. Enuonyam says
    I agree because it’s rude and you wouldn’t like it.

  7. tolerance means when you dont agree with the other person but you still give them a chance to say i don’t agree with you or there opinion.Couse it is’nt tolerance when you agree with them but you don’t give them a chance to say something like i don’t agree with you

  8. Tolerace means appreciating and respcting differences in people

  9. it means getting along with those who agree with is not getting along at all. I agree because the all ready agree with you so of course you’ll get along, but if they didn’t agree with they wouldn’t tolerate you as much.

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