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New P.E. days!

This half-term we have changed our timetables around a little to make sure that all of our children receive a broad and balanced curriculum. This means that the days that your child has their P.E. lessons may have changed. We would like to continue to ask you to send your child to school in their P.E. kit on the days that they have P.E. lessons.

Please remember that whilst this is their P.E. kit, it is still school uniform, and we would like to see everyone in the correct kit.

The updated P.E. days from tomorrow are:

  • Y1 – Tuesday and Thursday
  • Y2 – Tuesday and Wednesday
  • Y3 – Wednesday
  • Y4 – Monday and Wednesday
  • Y5 – Monday and Thursday
  • Y6 – Thursday and Friday

7 thoughts on “New P.E. days!

  1. Why is year 3 the only year to only have pe once a week?

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