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Eggstravaganza competition – Wednesday 25th March

We are holding a school wide competition for you to decorate an egg in as imaginative/funny/striking a way as possible.

What you need to know

  1. You must use at least one hard boiled chicken’s egg (don’t use more than 4 eggs please – they are expensive).
  2. If you wish to make a background in which to place your egg(s), it must be no larger than a shoebox.
  3. You may give your design an egg-related theme and title (e.g. Eggs Factor, The L-egg-o Movie, The Incredible Yolk…)
  4. You must have your name and class displayed clearly on your entry.
  5. Your entry must be brought to school on the morning of Wednesday 25th March 2015 (not before as we will not be able to store them safely)
  6. Winning entries will be displayed in the Small Hall on Wednesday afternoon and prizes will be awarded.
  7. Entries you wish to keep must be taken home on Wednesday evening (we have to dispose of other entries to make sure the school doesn’t start to smell…)

Note: This competition is primarily for children. However, we would love to run a grown up category so tell your parents to get cracking too!

11 thoughts on “Eggstravaganza competition – Wednesday 25th March

  1. Omoo you mustn’t give out any info about your egg , not even its name!! 🙂 🙂 ,

    Theresa Ametyst class

  2. Yes please. Other eggs can get expensive and I’d like everyone to be able to take part with the same materials.

  3. about iron man he’s from avengers he’s a superhero

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