12 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Where would you live?

  1. i would live under the ground because it would be more safe and you could bring down bricks and make a home. you could buy things from shops and bring them down.then you would of made a new house

  2. I would live in the jungle because I could build a tree house and use sticks to make fire. Also, I could make clothes out of animal skin 😄

  3. I would want to live in the sea and the jungle because in the sea i could find mermaids then become one myself, and the jungle because i want to be the queen of the jungle and everyone takes my orders, live in a huge tree house made out of wood and flowers with my friends.

  4. I ‘d rather live in the jungle because I can prove that I am a survivor and conquer my fear of wild animal 🙂 .

  5. I will live on a small Island so I can find my own food , go swimming every day on the beach ,build my own house and go to sleep at any time.

  6. I would live in a jungle because I want to explore their and discover new animals I have never seen.

  7. I would rather live under the sea because there are lots of interesting animals and plants. It is also very colourful and also very beautiful

  8. I would live in the jungle and act like Katy Perry in her music video Roar but I would be a little less civilised with the juice-lip gloss thing. o_O

  9. I would rather live In a Jungle. Because theirs lots on animals that can be in DANGER ! but they might have a new home to live. Some animals are so harmless so they need someone to help or they will get so sick. It taks them lots of days to get better so I bet you need a rest.

  10. I would rather live in a jungle because its not that creep you would get to be with the animals and you would be able to sea the sky

  11. i would rather live on the moon because i could jump high and i could go to any planet because i’m on the MMMMOOOONNNN!!!!! 🙂 :)$££:D 😀 ;D;D

  12. I would live underground, beacuse its peaceful and quiet to sleep.

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