13 thoughts on “Thought for the week: What if there was no electricity?

  1. If there was no electricity I would read more and I would play more with my friends.

  2. If there was no electricity people would treat the world a better place they won’t be as selfish

  3. If there was no light on earth, I would get fire and electricity to light up the whole world. Then I would carry my activities as usual.

  4. if there was no electricty we would have noTV AND GANMES!!!

  5. if there was no electricity it would not be safe because if lots and lots off people started using candels’s , it could get caught on something and there would be a fire. you would not even be able to call someone like the firemen to put out the fire,even if you did they would not be able to come to you because they sadly they would not see in the dark.

  6. If there was no electricity the world would have to survive like they did 1000’s of years ago. going places using horses and keeping things by fire to keep warm.

  7. If there were no electricity,I would FREAK OUT because I can’t charge my phone,my tablet,my WII,my TV will not work,my fridge,my stove and THE MICROWAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!😪😥😢😢😫😩

  8. If there was no electricity I would do stuff the old fashioned way like sending messages on paper.

  9. If there was no electricity then you would have raw food and food that doesn’t taste nice.😢
    On the over hand it would be really dark ,unless you have candles.

  10. If there was no electricity your life would change completely by the food you eat would taste horrible and when it is winter ,without electicity the heater can’t work anymore.

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