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World Book Day: Thursday 5th March 2015

It is World Book Day this Thursday (see

During the day the children will take part in some in-class book related activities. They will also receive a free book token.

If they wish, children can come to school dressed as a character from a book they have enjoyed. This is optional and no donation/payment is required. Regular school uniform should be worn if children do not wish to dress as a book character.

One thought on “World Book Day: Thursday 5th March 2015

  1. I’m dressed as Jessica Mastrianie from a book called struck by lightning missing. It is about a girl called Jessica who has a magical power of knowing where missing people/children are. It happened after she got hit by lighting on her way home from school whilst walking with her best friend Ruth (who did not get struck by lighting and was also very over protective about Jessica getting struck by lightning).👷⚡️☔️

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