12 thoughts on “Thought for the week

  1. For me it is not just wrong but it is innacceptable. Hurting somebody is really bad my mum always talks about this and remind me to be careful in my behaviour with others .

  2. I agree with Wissam because you shouldn’t hurt others so you should be very careful with your behaviour but also with others

  3. I also agree with Wiissam. Hurting someone is never okay. If the person was you I bet you wouldn’t be happy so why hurt them?

  4. I agree and disagree because sometimes you have to be a tiny bit rude to make sure they don’t do it again but then that would be hurting someones feelings so I think it’s not right to hurt somebody it wouldn’t be nice if that was your friend

  5. I definitely agree it is wrong but if somebody hurts them they will face the consequences 😪😭

  6. I obviously agree with tianna because it not nice to hurt someone because other people have a heart💓

  7. i disaggre because someone will really annoy them and i mean really annoy!

  8. I disagree because if the people you hate start annoying you and bullying you you tell the teacher and the children that were bullying you say “yes miss we will stop” and actually they don’t and all you have to do is hurt their feelings to make them stop

  9. I agree with Wissam ,my mum always tells me to be kind to people ,never hurt them or hurt their feelings.Think about how you would feel if it happened to you.

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