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Q&A with Maggie Lieu

Today Selsdon’s Mr. Harper-Penrose, and his class 5P, spoke to Maggie Lieu via Skype and found out all about her reasons for wanting to go to Mars. Maggie Lieu finds out if she will be going to the red planet in two weeks (16th Feb 2015).

Here is their conversation:

4 thoughts on “Q&A with Maggie Lieu

  1. could you please tell us whether she got selected or not/ can she speak to y5 because we are learning about space and rockets

  2. Hi Anfa. You can find out by going to the Mars-one website on the 16th of February. She is a very busy woman so won’t be able to speak to everyone. I hope you enjoyed watching the Q&A. What would you have asked her?

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