RE: The story of Rama and Sita… Bollywood style!

Fantastic work by Coral Class!

2014/15 Coral Class

Coral took part in some alternative learning today, via movement and dance!  Traditionally, Indian dance was used to tell ancient stories, so adopting that premise, Coral split into 5 completely mixed groups to tell 5 different parts of the epic Rama and Sita story!

Before they could get started on their creations Coral had to warm up.  Learning what different had positions meant and getting the basic rhythm right apparently wasn’t that tricky for a lot of them!  After the warm up came the creative group work, as they independently figured out ways of communicating the story!

The 2nd video shows the rest of the performance.  I can honestly say, Coral, this was one of the best things I’ve seen you guys do!  I am so proud that not only you independently worked together so well, but that you produced something far better than I ever could!  KEEP IT UP!!

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  1. sapphire class did some bollywood dances for pe and we really engoyed it after we practiced mr camebridge should of posted vedios on the blog

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