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Whole school homework – week 2

Although the school has been closed, homework still has to be completed and returned on Wednesday 21st January 2015. Post it notes will not be accepted!

As reported in an article in the Teaching Times (on line), David Cameron believes that ‘British values include freedom, tolerance, respect for the rule of law, belief in personal and social responsibility and a respect for British institutions.’

Week 2 Homework – Whole School
Homework – Next week we would like you to look at what you regard as the best thing about being British, or what British values mean to you. What famous Briton from the past or present do you admire and what is it about them you like? It can take whatever form you want, it can be a poster, a written piece following research or a video for the blog. For KS2, you can look at anything or anyone but it, or they, must be British (Consider things and people past and present). For KS1 can you research a place in Britain that is special to you and your family. What makes that place special? What has happened in that place historically, industrially or culturally? What is the geography of that place?

Good luck and the best of British to you!
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15 thoughts on “Whole school homework – week 2

  1. Thank you for the post however this homework is not appropriate for a 4year old.

    Please advise a more suitable and engaging homework.

  2. Not to worry. Mrs Newman has put a more suitable take on this for the children to complete.

    Kind regards


  3. David Cameron the famous man which is now known the prime minster of England and he was born on the same day as my dad october 9,1966. Mr Cameron was born in London,England his father Ian Cameron,a stockbreaker and his mother Mary (Mount) Cameron. He is married to Samantha (shefield) Cameron (June 1 , 1996 present)

  4. Whilst the school has been closed parents had to make alternative arrangements for suitable childcare facilities to allow them to undertake their work commitments. Therefore, I would like to understand when children were able to bring homework to school, in my situation I had to take my daughter to work with me. I work in East London and would therefore not have been able to return the work. Whilst the closure has been an inconvenience to parents and children, some consideration won’t go amiss.

    We aim to work in partnership with the school, and some flexibility would be greatly appreciated.

    Mrs Toney


  5. Hello Bianca,

    I spoke to the Reception staff when I saw your message yesterday so they posted something more appropriate.

    Best wishes


  6. Dear Mrs. Toney,

    Thank you for your message. This was not meant to inconvenience parents or carers. The homework was set on the understanding that school would reopen on Monday 19th January 2015. The teachers have asked for the homework to be handed in on Wednesday 21st January 2015 on the basis that the children would be in school as normal. If children have not been able to complete their homework because of the arrangements their parents made this week due to the school closure we will completely understand.

    Best wishes


  7. Whole school homework
    David Cameron,a descendant of king William IV,was born into wealthy British family. He recieved a quality education , and excelled in his studies at a young age. once he become head of Britain’s conservative party Cameron sought modernize it and shed its right image. Dazzling the party and the populance with his bold eloquence , Cameron positioned his party well for the general election of 2010 , and when Gordon Brown resigned as prime minister, Cameron replaced him.

  8. Hello Mrs Toney,

    I apologise if the homework I posted caused some confusion and distress to you and other. It was not expected that the children would hand the homework in during last week. I posted it on the blog to enable those children who have the facility of looking online and accessing it at home. Homework is normally handed at at the end of the week but I thought the extra two days would be of help. Of course, I would expect our teachers to have a discussion with the children on their return and should there have been any difficulty of them accessing the blog this would be taken into consideration.

    I hope you accept my apology and look forward to your continued support as a parent and guardian of the school.


    Mr Reid.

  9. The best of british present is the queen, “During 60 years of dedication, The Queen has been a constant, moving with the times – and, indeed, is often ahead of public opinion. Time and again, she has instinctively gauged the pulse of our nation… Politicians come and go, but the monarchy is our ballast. The Queen’s first prime minister was Winston Churchill; our next but one is still a mystery. And yet, we already know the identities of our next three monarchs.”and I hope she rules many years to come

  10. What does famous people and buildings have to do with knowledge?

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