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School Closure Update

Unfortunately, the sewer problem is much more serious than we anticipated. The contractors have been working on the system all day and we now know that both sewage pumps have failed and cannot be repaired. We are doing everything within our power to resolve this as quickly, and safely, as we can.

We will not be able open the school to children until Thursday 15th January 2015. 

The teachers will post work for your children on their school blogs. They will maintain contact with you throughout the next two days.

We apologise for the considerable disruption that this is causing, however, this is completely beyond our control.

15 thoughts on “School Closure Update

  1. I do hope this doesn’t impact on the children’s attendance

  2. Can you please confirm if the PTA AGM is still going ahead on Weds evening at 6? I need to know asap today please so that I can make suitable arrangements. Thanks.

  3. Reblogged this on 2014/15 Aquamarine Class and commented:

    Very sorry to all Aquamarine children and parents for the disruption caused. Please use your homework books to have a go at the additional work I have posted on the blog. I look forward to seeing you all again as soon as possible.
    Kind regards
    Mr McCormack

  4. Please confirm that the school will definitely reopen tomorrow. There has been no update on this since Monday morning and the telephone lines at the school are diverting to voicemails.

    Many of us are working parents and need to be able to plan in advance.

    I would also like an update on the precise steps that have been taken to rectify this problem so that the health and welfare of our children is protected.

  5. year six children do not seem to know what a blog is or where they can access work, so there is no school work for them to be getting on with, there has been no update now since 12th and as working parents we need to try to find childcare for Thursday it states the school will open Thursday>??? can someone update the parents or email work that the learners need to be getting on with if possible Miss Foldings group.

  6. Hello, I have been trying to call the school to check whether it will be definitely open on 15/01/15 but have been unable to speak to anyone. Can someone please provide an update as I am a working parent and I need to try and check about childcare .

  7. Dear parent,

    The class blogs can be found to the right of this page and also on the ‘Our Blogs’ menu above. There is a link to Ameythyst’s blog

    Ms Faulding has posted work for the children both yesterday and today. She has also been answering any queries the children have posted.

    Hope that helps.


  8. Hello Jackie,

    I have posted an update today, as well as emailing and texting all parents. We are replacing both of the faulty sewage pumps, pumping out the cesspit and keeping children away from the school site whilst this work is taking place. Once the new pumps have been installed, they will be regularly checked and maintained so that we can monitor their efficacy.

    Best wishes


  9. Hello Nicole,

    I am sorry that you have not been able to contact us. I have posted an update on the situation above.

    Best wishes


  10. The health and safety of the children is paramount in any decision the school have made, explaining why the school has been closed to the children this week.

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