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School Closure Monday 12th January 2015

Unfortunately both of our sewage pumps failed late this afternoon and sewage has already started to back-up. We have contacted the contractors and they cannot get here until first thing Monday morning. In order to ensure the safety of the children and staff we are not able to open the school until the pumps are functioning properly and we are confident that there is no risk of sewage flowing into the building or playgrounds.

School will be closed on Monday 12th January 2015. 

We fully expect to open again on Tuesday morning but cannot confirm this until the contractors have been on site. We will inform you as soon as we know.

We apologise for the inconvenience that this will cause but hope that you appreciate that we do not want to put your child’s health at risk.

7 thoughts on “School Closure Monday 12th January 2015

  1. How disappointing. I am somewhat concerned that there is no system in place that would allow this matter to be sorted out over the weekend. As it stands, many parents will be scrabbling around searching for childcare on Monday now, with no guarantee that they won’t need to find childcare for Tuesday or later on in the week too! Surely the contractor is aware that this is a school, and the impact of losing education days for our children, plus the impact on parents having to ask employers for time off (not easy for many!), is of huge significance. The fact that they won’t come out with over 63 odd hours until the school is due to open again, begs the question “Are they suitable contractors for you?”. Or is it a case of cost?

  2. Hello Scott,

    I agree this is not satisfactory at all. We did not discover the fault until late on Friday afternoon; Scott, our Site Manager, called our usual contractors. They said they couldn’t get there until Monday so he tried several others, unfortunately the response from them wasn’t any better. Once we have resolved the sewer issue on Monday, Scott is going to investigate other options so that we are not left in this situation again.

    I appreciate that this has caused significant disruption to our families; we felt it better to err on the side of caution and close the school on Monday giving parents as much notice of the closure as we could, rather than risk opening on Monday, the sewage overflowing and be faced with having to send children home.

    We will do everything in our power to ensure that the school reopens as usual on Tuesday.

    I apologise again for this.

    Best wishes


  3. Hi. Can you please confirm if the school is definitely open tomorrow (Tuesday)? We need time to plan for childcare before the end of the working day today if not. Thanks.

  4. Is there an update on weather school will be opening tomorrow yet?

  5. I’m wondering the same thing, just called the school and left a message just in case there are any teachers in. Urgently awaiting an update as I have work tomorrow and already missed 1 day.

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