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Parent workshop dates

This half term each class will be holding a parent workshop on practising and improving handwriting. Letters containing further details of these sessions will be coming out to parents next week. However, the following is a table showing the dates on which the sessions will be held. All sessions will start at 9am and run for an hour. A creche will be provided.

Date Class
Monday 02/02/15 Y1 Jade & Y6 Aquamarine
Tuesday 03/02/15 YR Bronze & Y6 Amethyst
Wednesday 04/02/15 YR Silver & Y5 Sapphire
Thursday 05/02/15 YR Gold & Y5 Coral
Friday 06/02/15 YR Platinum & Y4 Opal
Monday 09/02/15 Y1 Emerald, Y4 Moonstone & Y3 Pearl
Tuesday 10/02/15 Y2 Citrine & Y3 Onyx
Wednesday11/02/15 Y1 Peridot & Y3 Jet
Thursday 12/02/15 Y1 Diamond & Y2 Topaz
Friday 13/02/15 Y2 Amber & Y3 Ruby

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