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Once upon a time…

Mrs Sullivan, our Literacy Co-ordinator, has set the whole school a story writing challenge for homework.

I’m really looking forward to reading some of the entries.

Happy writing Heavers!

Jet Class 2014/15

Your task this week is to write a 100- word mini winter story!

The only rules you have are:

  1. It must include something about winter! Snow, ice-skating, Christmas, penguins, holly, robins etc.
  2. It has to be no more than 100 words
  3. It must be a proper story with a beginning, middle and an end
  4. Be original! You could be inspired by other famous stories. You could do a funny version of a fairy tale but it must be written in your own words!

Here are some ideas to get your started:

Tell a story from another characters point of view, time travel, use a strange noise to inspire you, discover a fairy or other magic creature, rewrite your favourite fairy tale, myth or legend but give it an unexpected ending or even be inspired by history.

Example story

‘Shiver Me Timbers’

Whitebeard the snowman sailed the icy puddles, searching for…

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