3 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Remembrance Day

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    Hello Aquamarine
    have a look at this week’s thought for the week. We will talk more about it in class.
    I’d love to hear your poetry on this subject.

  2. My War Poem

    War is out, what does this mean?
    Ruthless politicians in Europe seem very keen.
    Young boys volunteered to go,
    Such enthusiasm with what little did they know.
    Smiles, hugs and cheers they gave,
    Mothers, brothers and sisters cried as they waved.
    ‘It will all be over by Christmas they say’,
    But the horrors of war got worse day by day.
    For over four years the Great War took,
    Many young boys kept diaries in a book.
    Heroes were made on both sides,
    As soldiers fought side by side.
    Millions of boys never came back,
    Some are still there after their side attacked.
    So what can we learn about The Great War?
    Hopefully in a land of peace there will be no more.
    We will remember them.

    By Mr Cambridge

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