7 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Why do we need to keep safe on Bonfire Night?

  1. Don’t breathe in the smoke, don’t go too close to the fire and watch out not to go too close to the fireworks, especially while they are being lit! If you don’t do this you can get very hurt!!

  2. we need to know how to be safe so that you can breathe and survive during fireworks,real fire or smoke.

  3. We need to be safe because, despite fireworks being fascinating and amazing to look at, you needed to be aware of how dangerous they are. They can cause serious damages and injuries.

  4. If you do not listen and ignore the rules you might well loose a whole life ahead of you 🙂

  5. Fire works is very dangerous and should be supervised all the time by an adult ,You need to be safe so you don’t get hurt, so listen to parents

  6. I love fireworks, and the way they shoot up into the sky. I like the bright colours

  7. Once my sisters friend thought her firework had gone of and as she headed towards it it blow up her face and she had to go to the hospital. So here’s a lesson if you think your firework has gone of just leave it.

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