14 thoughts on “Thought for the Week

  1. I agree because who doesn’t like eating and there is 3 meals in a day

  2. I agree because if a day was really that bad then there would be he for tomorrow which is a good thing to have.otherwise there would be no good days at all.

  3. I agree because every day has something that you can change to make your day great as all the other days.

  4. I agree because if you get a bad day the good thing in that day is that you will learn how to change that the next day.

  5. I agree due to the fact that you could have had a bad day, but whatever the case, someone has done a little something that has made your day shine. For example you could have been bullied at school and you would feel torment but then someone would make your day proberlyby coming to make you feel better.

  6. I agree, because your day might start really, but at the end of the day your friend might make you happy and that what will make the rest of your day happy, instead of upset and depressed.

  7. I agree because if something bad happens you will learn from that mistake and the next day you will remember what to do.

  8. I agree because if you hurt yourself badly and can’t do anything for a while but then you win £50 pounds it’s not a perfect day but something good did happen.

  9. I agree that theta somthing good in everyday beacause when you come back from school you get to see yore family 🙂

  10. Mia opal class.

    I agree because you may be having a bad day and you might not noticed that at least one good thing has happened to you.

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