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  1. You can keep your self safe by not passing out your personal information , don’t give your age and you SHOULD NOT GIVE OUT YOUR STREET , TOWN or your HOUSE NUMBER .

  2. We’ll to keep your self safe online, you have to not talk to strangers. You can’t give your password or email address to enyone. And you don’t tell them your phone number!!!!

  3. If you feel like your going to share something out,don’t share it.

  4. You should have an adult to check what your writing just in case you type personal or private information. You shouldn’t give away any of your passwords because you could get hacked.

  5. 1st Never ever share your info
    2nd Never speak to people you don’t know
    Last but not least if you or somebody is getting cyber bullied (bullying on the enternet) you immediately block them or tell an adult.

  6. You should always ignore people you don’t know!
    be safe

  7. 3 important things to remember while online

    1. Don’t share personal details to strangers

    2. Don’t say unkind words to anyone

    3. Have fun!
    By: Kia

  8. I have a email accort and I only email the people I know and if a stranger know it I will dealt it and have a new password.

  9. Make sure you’re not sharing personal infomation and do not talk to people you don’t know. Never meet up with them without nan adult. Once your definetly safe, just enjoy yourself
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  10. Do not talk to strangers beacause it’s really dangerous epesially if you tell them your address or phone number where you are and never ever ever ever say where you live how old you are what your name is

  11. Remember not to share your personal details online because it’s extremely dangerous you might be talking to someone who is pretending to be for example a famous person.

    So remember not to share personal info. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. If you want to be safe online you have to not share your personal detail to anyone you don’t know.
    Make sure you don’t tell anyone were you live and if someone is asking you personal questions just tell your mum or dad. So stay smart stay safe and don’t talk to strangers bye

  13. If anyone that you don’t know sends you a message just block them.

  14. To deep safe on Lin is do not say nuthinck to then don’t try to contact.
    to pepall

  15. Don’t give other people your house address or phone number because the can come to your house and rob you. If you give them your phone number they can call you and they will tell you to meet up with them.

  16. It is very important not to share your personal details, because someone you do not know might persuade you to meet them and do something horrible to you. 🙂

  17. When you are online it is very important to not talk to a stranger or give out your personal info.

  18. You Can stay safe by blocking people you don’t know and you need a secure password

  19. Also if somebody is rude , sending rude comments or is blackmailing u then u should tell your parent and block them.

  20. Do not accept anyone online because they might not be who you think they are.

  21. If someone is being rude or making you feel uncomfortable make sure to tell any parent or a responsible adult. STAY SAFE ONLINE!! 🙂

  22. You can be safe online by not sharing any of your account details and things about you in real life. Don’t talk to strangers online either as they can be dangerous.

  23. You can block people that you don’t know and only your real friends can see you.

  24. If you want to be safe online, try and block the profile of someone who you don’t know.

  25. You can block people that send you messages/wrong language or you can make sure that you don’t give away your information

  26. You can be safe online by never giving anyone your personal details and if anyone is bullying you report and block them.

  27. Don’t share personal information online and don’t except people as friends if you don’t know them.

  28. If someone messages you saying “what’s your name?” Or “where do you live” you can 1. Tell your parents 2.report them 3. Block them if they still send messages on another account then tell the police or block them again. If you’ve known them for years and they feel like your best friends they are still strangers to you! So if they’re trying to harm you with threats then you have to tell you parents fast! And don’t say your name, age, address, email and password or anything thats Important! STAY SAFE ONLINE!

  29. Don’t share personal information online and don’t except people as friends if you don’t know them.

  30. Mine isn’t Zi’s comment so I am writing it again. To be safe online you must never give anyone your personal details and if your being bullied just report the bully and block them.

  31. To be safe when your online you should always keep your personal information to your self. Even if you feel like you have known a person for a long time, if you have never met them they may not be who you think they are, so never tell them anything about you. If you ever go on any social media networks such as
    (Facebook, Twitter, Skype) or any other websites where you can get in touch with people you don’t know,just remember to play under an avatar and use a fake name.

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