30 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Ernest Shackleton

  1. Difficulties are unfortunate and often distasteful. Once difficulties have been overcome they allow you to enjoy the company and laughter of friends and family in all its glory.

  2. I agree with Sir Ernest. Every problem has a solution. We’ve just got to keep trying.

  3. I agree with sir Ernest because we do overcome difficulties and if we didn’t
    we will be stuck in our difficulties right now and aim 100% sure that nobody
    would want that. After all we do usually get stuck if you need help put your
    hands up and tell the teacher or if you are an adult you could go up to your
    boss an d ask for help.

    { semi sapphire Ghandi year 5 heavers farm primary school Mr c +Mrs brown + Mrs weir }

  4. I agree because if you do something easy,you can do it quickly but if you do something hard,you won’t be able to do it that quickly and you have to keep trying to complete it.

  5. Ernest Shackleton is basically saying never give up even tho you will never get there
    Like when mr Askey said if you don’t try you will never succeed and how I said in my other comment before if you are stuck just tell your teacher don’t solk like some people
    Just put your hands up,or you could just miss that question and do the next one.
    I you don’t understand your work that is something different but you still could put
    Your hands up intend of crying.
    Obviously I know things about difficalltis because I’ve had it before when I was in
    Year 4 I was doing the bus top methord then i got stuck so I put my hands up then
    mrs ransoram came to me and helped me with my work she explained to me then
    I started to understand the patten so minute after minute I start to get it .

    That’s my story how I preserved also I know wear not talking about persevering but we
    Are talking about Shackleton and Shackleton preserved and so did I and by the way i’am
    not comparing myself to Shackleton.

    (Semilore year 5 sapphire class mr.c , mrs weir and mrs brown)

  6. I also agree because a difficulty will be over come that won’t change anything. Even if they weren’t over come they would still be there waiting to be overcome

  7. I agree with Ernest Shackleton because if you give up then you will never succeed at anything. Like when I thought I would never win a race I persevered and I actually won most of my races.

  8. I agree because when I was in PGL I had to climb over a wall I didn’t make it but at
    least I tried in the end the man had to lift me up and I was proud because I never stopped
    trying πŸ™‚

  9. That was an amazing explanation Semilore. I definitely argree with you.

  10. I think that you should never miss the chance to persevere like when I learnt how to skip with a skipping rope

  11. I think that if I were in difficulty I would try and try to do what I can

  12. I agree with him because it only makes you stronger and it helps you learn different things about yourself,about people and about situations and gain new knowledge.

  13. I agree with Sir Ernest Shackleton problems are only meant to be resolved. Some people just give up and that’s not the way of life. You should always PERSEVERE!!! πŸ™‚

  14. I agree because if there are no difficulties in life, it will be boring and you won’t be living it.

  15. I agree with Ernest Shackleton because I think difficulties are thing in which you need to keep trying to solve and get over with.

  16. I agree with sir Ernest Shackleton once you make a mistake you learn from it.Lots of children and adults make mistakes but they learn from them that,s the important thing.

  17. I agree because you should never give up,and if you give up you will never have a chance

  18. I agree because I think you should never give up on what you want

  19. I agree because when you keep trying you will get over and achieve what you wanted to achieve as long as it is not dangerous

  20. ,I agree with Ernest Shackleton because if you have problem or a difficulty all have to do is try to do it over and over again then you won’t have to worry about it.:)

  21. Hi iam miracle I agree difficulties are like test there difficult but if u over come them you get a really good score.

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