24 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Kind words

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    Perhaps you said, or did, a kind thing at the Fair on Saturday? Or someone may have done something kind for you? We will be writing our thoughts down early next week. I know that Moonstone children will all have great examples of the kind things they have done that we can discuss.

  2. a kind thing I did was help my sister do an event at the autumn fair

  3. A kind thing I have done is let Tia’s nephew have another 10p so he could try win some chocolate 🙂

  4. A kind thing I done this week was helping my friend digging in the garden 🙂

  5. I gave Reshane a ticket at the autumn fair to go on a ride when he ran out tickets. 🙂

  6. A kind thing I done was do my brothers room as he ain’t well at the moment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

  7. The kind thing I did was when I let josh beat me on fifa 15

  8. The kind thing I did was showing Reshane my Lego collection.

  9. A kind thing I have done is being nice, making conversation and smiling at someone, who thought that nobody liked them.

  10. And the kind thing I did was help my stepmother do shopping

  11. I always say please and thank you. I held the door open for people to go through.

  12. When I went to the fair I gave my cousin four tickets on the fair.
    And i agree with Evangeline you should always say please and thank you who ever holds the door for you.

  13. I helped my brother get out of the bath room because he was stake in it

  14. I helped my mum with house work like… Helping her cook and clean because she is having a baby so i have helped her

  15. The kind thing what I did was I helped my mum clear up the dishes.

  16. My mum had to go to hospital so me and Anne we done the washing up ,drying and putting away then we go to washing in and the cats . Then we , put the washing on the clothes horse . ALL IN ONE NIGHT …..

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