18 thoughts on “Thought for the Week: Are we always better together?

  1. Well, we work better together most of the time because when we work together there’s always someone to help you. Despite this, it’s sometimes better to work on your own because then you will know for yourself instead of knowing as a group.

  2. If you work together you will get things done right.
    Team work makes dreams work:)

  3. Working together is good but sometimes people get into fights. 🙁

  4. We work together so we can bond and put our thoughts together because we never sometimes no one notices what our minds can create.

  5. I think both because as mr cambridge or mrs weir would say dont go with the croud and that is good but also if most do a good thing you should do as well but if it is at playtime you could get into a fight

  6. If you work together you will usually get everything right . But it is good to work on your own sometimes 🙂

  7. I think some people can work together better than others, depending on their personalities, and their friendship.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Well, I know I work better with a group because we can share our ideas. But as Kyle said it can end up in a fight. 🙁

  9. Sometimes we work well together but sometimes we argue and it turns out bad. so we are not always good together!!!

  10. I think we should be a class because if a friend is in bullys you your friend can defend you and tell the teacher and she/he deal with it.

  11. Working together is good because, we can share our ideas and maybe invent something new! Unfortunately though nobody looks at it like that. They just want to be with there friends. But also (like Shireesha said,) it’s good to work alone. Not only to think for yourself, but when you do think for yourself, your ideas change the world and you will become a legend.

  12. It’s good to been in groups most of the time because you can see how you work with people

  13. We are better together because if we don’t have enogh peaple to visit the queen you’ll have to need more peaple so it’ll work to visit the queen


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