15 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Why do we need good manners in the playground?

  1. If you don’t show good manners in the playground then no one will want to play with you ,because of the way you act and talk.

  2. If you don’t have manners you won’t have any friends say if someone has the ball and you say give me that ball now that means no manners. 🙂

  3. If you don’t have manners your wasting your play time because you won’t get any where you will just be in inside in detention watching every one else have fun BORING 🙁

  4. Just like you have to follow the school rules it is same as manners ,for an example one of school rules is to keep hands and feet ourselves . If you don’t follow the that rule people will get hurt

  5. We have good maners at playtime because if you don’t you will be left alone with no one to play with.

  6. If you don’t have manners in the playground no one will like you and you won’t have any friends. 😢

  7. You need manners in the playground if you want to have good friends 🙂 🙂

  8. You need to have manners in the playground because you could have more friends and if you don’t have manners you could also have no friends .

  9. if you didn’t do something nice to some one then you wouldn’t show good manners. If you show the, good manners they will be nice to you too. If your nice to people in the playground you will have lots of friends.

  10. when somebody is walking and they say “get out of ,y way” that’s rude. You should say “excuse me” instead because it is not rude. Being polite makes people like people. I have so many friends in my life because I have been nice to them. Everybody in my class.

  11. when someone is being nice to you and asks to play with you and says yes. That is being polite.

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