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And the winners are…

Congratulations to everyone who earned their Headteacher’s Award!

Year 3 Pearl Tianna-Mai Bunsaan
Year 3 Pearl Himani Shah
Year 3 Pearl Nadeisha Rogers
Year 3 Pearl Yasmin Al Fahmi
Year 3 Pearl Davany Campbell
Year 3 Pearl Tianna Salmon
Year 3 Pearl Keira-Belle Thompson
Year 3 Pearl Jada Wheatle
Year 3 Pearl Chantelle Clarkson
Year 3 Pearl Donna Nguyen-Harrison
Year 3 Pearl Ellie Long
Year 3 Pearl Daniel Anwar
Year 3 Ruby Siresh Nankani
Year 3 Ruby Millie Figueria
Year 3 Ruby Mia Coley
Year 3 Ruby Dominique Roberts
Year 3 Ruby Jahvel Elliot
Year 3 Ruby Shanay Ross
Year 3 Ruby Jaydon Ovendon
Year 3 Ruby Katie Cahani
Year 3 Ruby Alesha Carter
Year 3 Ruby Breanna Salmon
Year 4 Moonstone Shauna Nakadiyan
Year 4 Moonstone Elsa Gul
Year 4 Moonstone Jenny Lin
Year 4 Moonstone Samuel Marmon-Halm
Year 4 Moonstone Russell Gyasi
Year 4 Moonstone Kehinde Salami
Year 4 Moonstone Taylor Brown
Year 4 Moonstone Raymie Gouldbourne
Year 4 Moonstone Brianna Wyles
Year 4 Moonstone Nyah Simon-Ellis
Year 4 Moonstone Jayda Murphy
Year 4 Moonstone Simi Karunwi
Year 4 Moonstone Bruna Dos Santos
Year 4 Moonstone Iqueeno Willocks
Year 4 Moonstone Nkunium Abi
Year 4 Moonstone Jason You
Year 4 Moonstone Shaddai Harris
Year 4 Moonstone Maria Texeira
Year 4 Moonstone Hasseb Hamed
Year 4 Moonstone Ayanna Holyoake
Year 4 Moonstone Camron Fairweather
Year 4 Moonstone Andre Rowe
Year 4 Opal Mabinty Karmac
Year 4 Opal Malachi Jones
Year 4 Opal Semi Thomas
Year 4 Opal Sienna Douglas
Year 4 Opal Jamie Kasongo
Year 4 Opal Alina Spencer
Year 4 Opal Nathan Mayala-Mobali
Year 4 Opal Anfa Ahmed
Year 4 Opal Daniel Miranda
Year 4 Opal Jamarion Sharmah
Year 4 Opal Seven Toney
Year 4 Opal Taiwo Salami
Year 4 Opal Jaishan Jutley
Year 4 Opal Rafaela Stanciu Martinez
Year 4 Opal Alexandra Green-Mensah
Year 4 Opal Tia Denton-Reid
Year 5 Coral Shakira Blake
Year 5 Coral Savannah Quintyne
Year 5 Coral Savannah Dawson
Year 5 Coral Farah Holness
Year 5 Coral Lara Fernandes
Year 5 Coral Paige Jackson-Mathews
Year 5 Coral Heer Vyas
Year 5 Coral Zi Lo
Year 5 Coral Wei Ming Hung
Year 5 Coral Anne Cooney
Year 5 Coral Tafani Dan-Oth
Year 5 Coral Evangeline Pswanga
Year 5 Coral Millie Mae-Fevzi
Year 5 Coral Meena Hussain
Year 5 Sapphire Sandy Oghenovo
Year 5 Sapphire Shireesha Nankani
Year 5 Sapphire Rheanna Quintyne
Year 5 Sapphire Khizra Mahood
Year 5 Sapphire Kelly Wu
Year 5 Sapphire Johnson Hung
Year 5 Sapphire Naturelle Bilgin
Year 5 Sapphire Anass El Alaouna
Year 5 Sapphire Kyle Cumberbatch
Year 5 Sapphire Caleb Gibbons
Year 5 Sapphire Destiny McCatty
Year 6 Amethyst Savannah Thorpe
Year 6 Amethyst Rhianna Doris
Year 6 Amethyst Sindi Zulu
Year 6 Amethyst Joel Sprouse
Year 6 Amethyst Shanice Nyirabagesra
Year 6 Amethyst Thania Suman
Year 6 Amethyst Vanessa Jehu
Year 6 Amethyst Ramzeena Hussain
Year 6 Aquamarine Bethany Payet
Year 6 Aquamarine Shennear Henry-Southwell
Year 6 Aquamarine Blake Vinulan
Year 6 Aquamarine Thaniya Akthar
Year 6 Aquamarine Martyna Grzekiewick
Year 6 Aquamarine Kaiya Pink
Year 6 Aquamarine Ronnie Searl
Year 6 Aquamarine Joseph Crawford
Year 6 Aquamarine Amy Chandiwana
Year 6 Aquamarine Alliyah Nakadiyan
Year 6 Aquamarine Tre Toorac-Moore
Year 6 Aquamarine Shanice Dawkins
Year 6 Aquamarine Rachel Mathews-Jackson
Year 6 Aquamarine Malachi Willocks
Year 6 Aquamarine Noor Hamed
Year 6 Aquamarine Tia Beckford


6 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. Hi

    Shanay Ross was not on the list I have the letter for her to go on the trip

  2. My daughters won but they are not on the list – Michaela Stanciu Martinez and Rafaela Stanciu Martinez

  3. My grandson Malachi Jones was not mentioned in the names of the Headmasters Award.

  4. Where are the Moonstone Class Head Teachers Award winners?

  5. Apologies everyone. Cleo had a technical glitch and sent me an incomplete list. I have updated the list above to include all of our winners for the KS2 trip on Friday.

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