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And the winners are…

Congratulations to everyone who earned their Headteacher’s Award!

Year 3 Pearl Tianna-Mai Bunsaan
Year 3 Pearl Himani Shah
Year 3 Pearl Nadeisha Rogers
Year 3 Pearl Yasmin Al Fahmi
Year 3 Pearl Davany Campbell
Year 3 Pearl Tianna Salmon
Year 3 Pearl Keira-Belle Thompson
Year 3 Pearl Jada Wheatle
Year 3 Pearl Chantelle Clarkson
Year 3 Pearl Donna Nguyen-Harrison
Year 3 Pearl Ellie Long
Year 3 Pearl Daniel Anwar
Year 3 Ruby Siresh Nankani
Year 3 Ruby Millie Figueria
Year 3 Ruby Mia Coley
Year 3 Ruby Dominique Roberts
Year 3 Ruby Jahvel Elliot
Year 3 Ruby Shanay Ross
Year 3 Ruby Jaydon Ovendon
Year 3 Ruby Katie Cahani
Year 3 Ruby Alesha Carter
Year 3 Ruby Breanna Salmon
Year 4 Moonstone Shauna Nakadiyan
Year 4 Moonstone Elsa Gul
Year 4 Moonstone Jenny Lin
Year 4 Moonstone Samuel Marmon-Halm
Year 4 Moonstone Russell Gyasi
Year 4 Moonstone Kehinde Salami
Year 4 Moonstone Taylor Brown
Year 4 Moonstone Raymie Gouldbourne
Year 4 Moonstone Brianna Wyles
Year 4 Moonstone Nyah Simon-Ellis
Year 4 Moonstone Jayda Murphy
Year 4 Moonstone Simi Karunwi
Year 4 Moonstone Bruna Dos Santos
Year 4 Moonstone Iqueeno Willocks
Year 4 Moonstone Nkunium Abi
Year 4 Moonstone Jason You
Year 4 Moonstone Shaddai Harris
Year 4 Moonstone Maria Texeira
Year 4 Moonstone Hasseb Hamed
Year 4 Moonstone Ayanna Holyoake
Year 4 Moonstone Camron Fairweather
Year 4 Moonstone Andre Rowe
Year 4 Opal Mabinty Karmac
Year 4 Opal Malachi Jones
Year 4 Opal Semi Thomas
Year 4 Opal Sienna Douglas
Year 4 Opal Jamie Kasongo
Year 4 Opal Alina Spencer
Year 4 Opal Nathan Mayala-Mobali
Year 4 Opal Anfa Ahmed
Year 4 Opal Daniel Miranda
Year 4 Opal Jamarion Sharmah
Year 4 Opal Seven Toney
Year 4 Opal Taiwo Salami
Year 4 Opal Jaishan Jutley
Year 4 Opal Rafaela Stanciu Martinez
Year 4 Opal Alexandra Green-Mensah
Year 4 Opal Tia Denton-Reid
Year 5 Coral Shakira Blake
Year 5 Coral Savannah Quintyne
Year 5 Coral Savannah Dawson
Year 5 Coral Farah Holness
Year 5 Coral Lara Fernandes
Year 5 Coral Paige Jackson-Mathews
Year 5 Coral Heer Vyas
Year 5 Coral Zi Lo
Year 5 Coral Wei Ming Hung
Year 5 Coral Anne Cooney
Year 5 Coral Tafani Dan-Oth
Year 5 Coral Evangeline Pswanga
Year 5 Coral Millie Mae-Fevzi
Year 5 Coral Meena Hussain
Year 5 Sapphire Sandy Oghenovo
Year 5 Sapphire Shireesha Nankani
Year 5 Sapphire Rheanna Quintyne
Year 5 Sapphire Khizra Mahood
Year 5 Sapphire Kelly Wu
Year 5 Sapphire Johnson Hung
Year 5 Sapphire Naturelle Bilgin
Year 5 Sapphire Anass El Alaouna
Year 5 Sapphire Kyle Cumberbatch
Year 5 Sapphire Caleb Gibbons
Year 5 Sapphire Destiny McCatty
Year 6 Amethyst Savannah Thorpe
Year 6 Amethyst Rhianna Doris
Year 6 Amethyst Sindi Zulu
Year 6 Amethyst Joel Sprouse
Year 6 Amethyst Shanice Nyirabagesra
Year 6 Amethyst Thania Suman
Year 6 Amethyst Vanessa Jehu
Year 6 Amethyst Ramzeena Hussain
Year 6 Aquamarine Bethany Payet
Year 6 Aquamarine Shennear Henry-Southwell
Year 6 Aquamarine Blake Vinulan
Year 6 Aquamarine Thaniya Akthar
Year 6 Aquamarine Martyna Grzekiewick
Year 6 Aquamarine Kaiya Pink
Year 6 Aquamarine Ronnie Searl
Year 6 Aquamarine Joseph Crawford
Year 6 Aquamarine Amy Chandiwana
Year 6 Aquamarine Alliyah Nakadiyan
Year 6 Aquamarine Tre Toorac-Moore
Year 6 Aquamarine Shanice Dawkins
Year 6 Aquamarine Rachel Mathews-Jackson
Year 6 Aquamarine Malachi Willocks
Year 6 Aquamarine Noor Hamed
Year 6 Aquamarine Tia Beckford


6 thoughts on “And the winners are…

  1. Hi

    Shanay Ross was not on the list I have the letter for her to go on the trip

  2. My daughters won but they are not on the list – Michaela Stanciu Martinez and Rafaela Stanciu Martinez

  3. My grandson Malachi Jones was not mentioned in the names of the Headmasters Award.

  4. Apologies everyone. Cleo had a technical glitch and sent me an incomplete list. I have updated the list above to include all of our winners for the KS2 trip on Friday.

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