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Heaver Farm School Sports Day – Monday 30th June 2014


Parents and Carers are very welcome to attend our School Sports Day. Timings are 9.30am for Key Stage 1 and 1.45pm for Key Stage 2. Children are to sit with their class at all times (apart from if/when they are racing) and must be picked up at normal time (i.e. no-one to leave early). 

Come and join in the fun. 

5 thoughts on “Heaver Farm School Sports Day – Monday 30th June 2014

  1. Is this weather permitting or confirmed as I am going to boook it off for annual leave in order to be there.

  2. Hello Shona

    As the events will be held outside it will be weather permitting to an extent (i.e. we can’t make everyone sit there in a downpour).

    We will know more nearer the time as weather forecasts are not so accurate this far away.

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