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Heavers Teachers Racing for Life

Heavers Farm teachers Ms Ferri, Ms Tillin, Ms McCormack, Ms Hawkins and Ms Cottee will be taking part in the Crystal Palace 10K race for life this weekend. They are running to raise money for Cancer Research.

If you would like to offer them some words of support then please comment on this post.

If you are able to help them in their fund-raising then please do so by clicking on this link –

6 thoughts on “Heavers Teachers Racing for Life

  1. Hope you win.[Even if it doesn’t mean much if you win ,it’s about helping other chrilden across the world

  2. Reblogged this on Platinum Class 2013 and commented:
    You may have seen Miss Tillin and myself running around the school field (Tawan, Aaliyah and Tomas joined in with our run on Friday!) I haven’t ran this distance before and am a little nervous. Don’t make me move too much on Monday Platinum Class!

  3. Anfa: Ms McCormack may win, but the rest of us just want to finish!

  4. I am also doing the 10k race for life on sunday at crystal palace. I will be looking out for the teachers!! Enjoy!

    Thalia Jeffrey’s mum
    (Jade Class)

  5. Good luck , no pressure, there is nothing to be nervous about
    I hope you win

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