12 thoughts on “How do you know if someone is really your friend?

  1. Only time can tell…… expect nothing but be the best friend that you can be, put your best foot forward that’s what I teach my son.

  2. Because if thay are yor thread thay wont be horyball because if thay was not frndly .

  3. We know if somebody is your friend because they will play with you all the time.

  4. A true friend will like you as you are and won’t speak behind your back he or she will care and share and would love you as a friend we should all be a true friend towards each other 🙂 🙂

  5. You can tell if someone is your friend by telling them what your favourite food is or if you get hurt will they bring you to a teacher.

  6. You know when someone is your friend because they help you.

  7. I agree with harry there helpful when you get hurt they take you to the teacher and they can be friendly

  8. Heer is my true friend and I can recognise it by the way she reacts to news I tell her, supports everything
    I do, responds to every sentence (it means she listens to me) but the thing that shows it all is that we are
    the opposite of each over!

  9. How you really now if someone is your friend somebody who never whants to leve you out and how what’s to be your friend.

  10. You know if someone is your friend because they always have your back and helps you we’re ever you are.

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