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Thought for the week: Sleeping and learning.


Over the weekend I read an interesting article about sleep and learning. It suggests that the more you sleep, the more you remember and therefore the more you learn. What do you think?

How much do you sleep every night? What do you think about the idea going to bed earlier so that you remember more of what you have learned during the day?

Here is a copy of the article

7 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Sleeping and learning.

  1. I agree because when I sleep and wake up in the morning I remember most of the things that happened the day befor.

  2. We believe this is mostly true and also quite false. Our Reason for this is because when you sleep it does not automatically make your remember things. When you sleep you are resting your brain so if you sleep for long it seems as if you are more likely to forget things. When you go to bed late it doesn’t mean the facts you learned escaped from your brain.

    The part of the statement we agree with is the fact that sleeping for long time periods could make you remember more stuff because your brain has more time to relax so it can reflect on your day and create memories. Sometimes your dreams represent a meaning and they sometimes show you the past so within your dreams your brain could be remembering. So there for we agree with this statement 70% and disagree 30%. 😉

  3. I agree because if you don’t get enough sleep when your at school you will be tired and not concentrating and then that will effect your learning.

  4. I agree because if don’t get enough sleep you’ll sleep in class and if you sleep in class you won’t learnt anything. You’ll be tired and sleepy so you won’t concentrate.

  5. If you don’t get enough sleep you will be grumpy(like me sometimes)in the morning and you won’t concentrate on your work in the morning.

  6. I do not really know because when I think somthing completely different.

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