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Behaviour Policy and Homework Updates


Following feedback from our parents and carers during recent Parents Evenings we have made amendments to both our Behaviour and Homework procedures.


In response to your suggestions we have introduced a Yellow Card system. This means that when a child forgets their homework, reading diary, P.E. kit etc…for the first time each term they will not receive a detention, instead they will be given a Yellow Card which will be placed in their Reading Diary for you to see. This means that everyone gets a second chance.

Our updated Behaviour Policy is available on our School Policies and Forms page.


We have also listened to your feedback about homework. We have asked all teachers to do the following:

  • Collect homework books in on Wednesdays
  • Post homework on the class blog on Thursdays
  • Hand out homework books on Fridays

We hope that this suits more parents as we know that some parents prefer to get their children’s homework done during the week, and others over the weekend. We hope that with this arrangement, we can accommodate more parents.


Finally, we were also made aware that sometimes parents are finding their child’s Reading Diary unsigned or their homework not marked. In order to ensure that we are holding everyone properly to account we would ask that if this is the case, please contact the school office on 0208 653 5434 or and they will pass on your message to a member of the Leadership Team who will follow this up for you right away.