11 thoughts on “Thought for the week: Library book…

  1. My note would say always ‘follow you dreams through wind or sun.’

  2. I read a peter pan book and a letter came out It said you like me a lot do you?

  3. It would say “I’m coming for you…” And it would be from my future self

  4. I think it going to say : please if you find this book bring it back to the library it for some one else from the library

  5. It might be a note from the people of the future telling bad thing are about happen and you are the only one who can save the world…

  6. The note will say ‘don’t read this book (by unknown)’ P.S or we’ll ea…… you >:)

  7. The Letter would be from a relative saying :
    I hid the money under the ….. ?

  8. It might be a note from. Your ancesters telling you that they hope you can save them because they are trapped inside the book and that the note is a puzzle piece

  9. If i boroed a book from the librey and a note fell out it will be about east borne sayin thank you for coming

  10. The note will say stop trying to to read me and the note will be from the book it’s self.

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